6 Week eCourse-How to Get & Stay Pregnant

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-PLXSRhWNc&feature=share&list=UUfj-CmVhTDQdJklk7iUjX3w[/youtube] 6 Week eCourse-How to Get & Stay Pregnant I have worked in Natural Fertility for 20 years and wants to share everything I have learnt with you. This eCourse is my life’s work. Each week you will get information on preparing for conception, fertility nutrition, supplements to help fertility, lifestyle, stress, support, natural remedies, […]

You Are Not Alone With Infertilty

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I want to let you know of some recent emails I have received- ‘I felt so alone with infertility until I came across The Baby Making Club. I joined your Silver Membership, followed the fertility diet eBook and after just 2 months I am pregnant. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 long […]

Should You Have Lots of Sex to Make a Baby?

Just how much sex do you have to have to make a baby?

The science side of things is fairly straightforward. It is possible to get pregnant for a few days each cycle- up to 5 days prior to ovulation and one day after. Most of us in the fertility field would advocate a couple having intercourse several times over this time. From the science point of view, having sex every second day from the first sign of ovulation (such as the first sign of cervical mucus) until ovulation has passed is sufficient. So if you ovulate around day 15 of your cycle, then having sexual intercourse on days 12, 14 & 16 should be plenty.

Organic Food & Fertility- Does It Matter?


Do you need to eat all organic food to increase your fertility and get pregnant fast? Will it make a difference to your fertility? Will it make a difference to your health or the health of a baby you may conceive soon?

Infertility Hope Over Holidays

I just popped into my Natural Fertility Clinic to drop off remedies for some clients during the Christmas holiday break and couldn’t help having a read of the very special cards on my mantelpiece. When I received them just prior to Christmas I was like everyone else-rushing to get all the jobs done- and didn’t […]

Timing For Conception- When To Have Baby Making Sex

Timing For Conception- When To Have Baby Making Sex [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loP4UZfzxU8[/youtube] Let me know your comments/questions please. I would like to help you to get pregnant fast and stay pregnant. Best wishes Sarah Leather, N.D., IS.Hom, Post Grad Natural Fertility Management

A Story of Pregnancy Loss- One Woman’s Miscarriage


This story about miscarriage was given to me by someone I know & she would like me to share it. Miscarriage is a deeply personal experience and every single loss is different. It is also something that some people don’t really understand unless they have gone through it. Here is her story -:

‘I had my second miscarriage over 2 years ago

Act As If You Are Pregnant Now To Get Pregnant Fast.

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Act As If  You Are Pregnant Now To Get Pregnant Fast. This is your key to get the increased fertility  you are looking for.  I came across this idea when studying Life Coaching and the theory of ‘acting as if’ something that you wanted was already happening- then there was more chance of it happening. […]

Why Do I need To Exercise- I Just Want To Get Pregnant.

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the healthier you (and your partner) are- the more chance there is of getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a healthy baby. Becomming as healthy and as fertile as you can be involves you and your partner doing regular, consistant exercise