Sarah Leather N.D., IS.Hom, Post Grad Natural Fertility Management; has been working to help women and couples to get and stay pregnant for over 20 years. She has vast clinical expertise in natural fertility and is unique in the experience and service she offers. Attaining close to 80% success rate with women in their 30’s and 40’s (conceiving naturally or assisting then with fertility treatment including donor conception), she remains highly sought after. Sarah has been featured on several television programs and countless articles.

Sarah says ‘I have been blessed with the children I have. Nothing gives me more joy than receiving the news that one of the women that I have been advising is pregnant. I will never tire of that news! Today it happened 3 times, 2 of them have had a lot of Assisted Reproduction & have become pregnant after following Sarah’s advice, the other had 2 miscarriages last year but after doing the 12 week program feels so much more confident & healthy going into this pregnancy.’

Sarah was originally a Registered Nurse in Australia before going on to study Naturopathy & Homeopathy at The Perth Academy of Natural Therapies. She went on to lecture in Nutrition and to supervise in the Student Clinic in Naturopathy & Homeopathy for several years, alongside her own busy clinic. She did post graduate courses in Natural Fertility Management & Counselling in Perth. She relocated to her husband’s native Cork in 1999 & has worked there specialising in fertility & hormonal rebalancing ever since. There she has also studied Life Coaching, which she says really helps people to overcome blocks and sabotages and achieve their dreams of the family they want.

There is now only one way to work with Sarah through her ‘Transformational VIP Days’ which are extremely beneficial to women and couples wanting to have a successful pregnancy, wherever they live in the world. However, Sarah only offers these on a few days per month. If you would like more information then email sarahleather@gmail.com and put ‘Fertility VIP Days’ in the subject line and Sarah will let you know when you may be offered a free clarity session to discuss working with her.

She lives by the sea with her husband and 4 children.