Fertility Success After 2 Miscarriages Using Homeopathy

I wanted to tell you about a fertility success story after 2 miscarriages using homeopathy from a lovely lady who I have been treating using the Online Consultation service

Low AMH or High FSH? Poor Egg Reserve? Are Your Eggs Too Old or Not Enough?

I am seeing an increasing number of women who are very concerned about their egg reserve. They may have been told that they have a poor egg reserve or that their eggs are too old or not enough. They may have been told by their fertility clinic that they have ‘missed the boat’, are ‘on a fast track to menopause’ have ‘withered’ or ‘atrophied’ ovaries or that they ‘need to get donor eggs or think about adoption’.

Should You Have Lots of Sex to Make a Baby?

Just how much sex do you have to have to make a baby?

The science side of things is fairly straightforward. It is possible to get pregnant for a few days each cycle- up to 5 days prior to ovulation and one day after. Most of us in the fertility field would advocate a couple having intercourse several times over this time. From the science point of view, having sex every second day from the first sign of ovulation (such as the first sign of cervical mucus) until ovulation has passed is sufficient. So if you ovulate around day 15 of your cycle, then having sexual intercourse on days 12, 14 & 16 should be plenty.